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Pekka Simojoki is especially known for his contemporary Christian musical compositions, including several masses, musicals and a great number of very popular songs. He has also started and directed several famous Christian music groups: the first was a folk group, Alabasteri, then an African-style choir, Jakaranda. He presently directs a gospel-rock band, EXIT, and a gospel choir, EtCetera. He wrote his first music quite early on, while living with his missionary parents in Namibia, Africa (1964-1973).

Pekka Simojoki made his first composition when he was about 13 years old, but he got more serious about it when he met the poet Anna-Mari Kaskinen and started to work together with her in 1979. Their co-operation still goes on and together they have created some of the most beloved Finnish spiritual songs. Pekka has also worked with several other poets and he writes a lot of texts himself. All in all, he has written nearly 700 songs.

Pekka Simojoki has published and edited several different songbooks and has recorded more than 60 albums with different ensembles. The albums contain a wide variety of religious music from children’s songs to rock. In addition to Nordic Praise, many other songs by Simojoki have been translated into other languages. His songs have been published in songbooks and hymnbooks of different denominations all over the world. A compilation CD of the ‘songs of silence’ has been recorded in ten languages. Simojoki has also performed in several other countries.

At the moment, Pekka Simojoki lives in Kangasala, near the city of Tampere. He works as a freelance artist: writing and arranging music, touring solo with his guitar or with his band EXIT or choir EtCetera, participating in different events, festivals and seminar.

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