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Nordic Praise songs come from the north. They are inspired by the great forests, cold winters and bright summers of Finland. In these songs you can hear the sound of a thousand lakes, and IMAGINE swans dancing in the wilderness swamps. In these songs you can see the colours of the Northern lights flaming in the sky.

THE SONGS ON THIS ALBUM are well loved by people of all ages and from all denominations. THEY are great fun to sing because of the catchy rhythms and melodies, but they also convey a deeper message in their own original way. Many friends from other countries have asked us over the years where these songs can be found in English. So, here it is! The Nordic Praise CD was just released in 2014 and many of these songs are already being sung in numerous congregations around the world.

The musicians on the Nordic Praise album are among the best in Finland. Markku Perttilä is the arranger for the most part of the music and he was also the producer of the original Finnish version ”Ylistys”, which was released in 2012. The producer and arranger of the vocals for this international version is Hanna-Maria Helenius. The vocals are done by the singing group TriSiS together with Kaarle Mannila and Olli Helenius. The majority of the translations are the work of Margaret Vainio, an American musician living in Finland.

Listen to Nordic Praise and catch the spirit of nordic worship.

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